Leading Greek Handling Provider Switches to ARINC’s Type B Messaging Service

Type B Messaging Services
Type B Messaging Services

Last week we heard that Goldair Handling has contracted ARINC to handle its Type B messaging. Goldair has migrated 28 addresses to ARINC’s user-friendly messaging solution AviNet® Mail. ARINC completed the installations in less than a month.

The AviNet Mail service offers low-cost Type B, e-mail and SMS messaging over a secure network. With its single interface from any internet connection, and a simple message-formatting template, AviNet Mail is ideal for airlines, cargo operations, flight dispatch operators and caterers, as well as ground handlers.

AviNet Mail sales manager, Carlos Fernandes, was stated The decision was based on ARINC’s superior technical support and straightforward billing system.”

ARINC’s AviNet Type B Messaging service is used for GLOBALink ACARS®, passenger reservations, aviation weather data, flight planning and more.

Developed for reliability, security and consideration of the economic considerations of business aviation, AviNet Type B Messaging Service handles over 20 million messages every day.

For more information please visit: www.typebmessaging-avinet.com.


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