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Other Providers of Superfast Onboard WiFi | Business Aviation NewsVirgin America’s passengers will soon be able to make the most of their Netflix membership during flights thanks to a new partnership agreement between the airline and the online media provider.

Using the aircraft’s onboard WiFi, Netflix programmes will be accessible via live streaming to passenger’s personal devices at no additional cost.

Airline connectivity is a booming market as passenger demand grows and competitive packages increase in availability across the industry. Faster WiFi via the latest satellite technology enables the opportunity for live streaming and improved access for passengers using their mobile devices.

Bombardier has released a stunning preview of its latest long-range business jet interior for the Global 7000 after announcing a delay in release of the aircraft.

The interior design and the exterior framework have been remodelled to support the requirements of the modern business passenger and Bombardier say that they have had suggestive input from their current customers.

We decided to let the Global 7000 speak for itself in the video below.

Find Out More About Business Aviation Solutions from Rockwell CollinsThe Latin American Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition (LABACE) 2015 held in Sao Paulo, Brazil is the latest showcase for Rockwell Collins’ innovations and includes flight deck, cabin and flight support services from ARINCDirect.

In attendance will also be an expert team who will discuss the improved experience for pilots, flight operations departments and for passengers using the latest enhancements for business jets.

Pro Line Fusion® advanced avionics with graphical interfaces and head-up guidance features with touch-screen capabilities.

ARINCDirectSM flight support services, which combine their traditional values with Rockwell Collins’ Ascend flight information management system.

VenueTM HD cabin management and entertainment system includes wireless applications and, at the moment, is the most popular HD system in the industry.

Rockwell Collins’ ARINCDirect features for business aircraft also include a range of mobile applications for both flight operations crew and passengers.

Business Passenger Communications ProvidersIt has just been announced that Honeywell’s latest addition to their connectivity suites will include the AMT-700 antenna for Gulfstream’s new G500 and G600 business aircraft.

Fitted as standard on all new productions, the improved service will allow business passengers greater connection speeds in the cabin via Inmarsat SwiftBroadband for internet and voice calls, while additional benefits will also be realised in the cockpit with clearer communications with the ground.

Providers of inflight Inmarsat SwiftBroadband services, such as Rockwell Collins’ ARINCDirect ensure that executive travellers can continue to conduct their business as efficiently in the air as they can in their ground-based office environments.

Inmarsat's GX Aviation Satellite Services ProvidersInmarsat’s latest satellite communications system, Global Xpress, scheduled to deliver global aviation broadband at speeds of up to 50mpbs later this year, is currently being used to aid the Nepal Earthquake Rescue teams as they co-ordinate relief to the devastated country.

The GX system, which is being tested before going officially into service, is providing communications support and broadband to the teams, as the country’s communications infrastructure was damaged during last month’s earthquake.

Global Xpress will eventually comprise of four satellites, the third of which is expected to be launched in June 2015.

Other Providers of Leading Cabin Services & Aircraft BroadbandSmartSky Networks announced a partnership with Kontron this week at the AEA Convention held in Dallas. Kontron, German-based cabin WiFi access point (CWAP) manufacturer, and the relatively new SmartSky Networks, air-to-ground aviation telecommunications network provider, will team to provide a SmartSky 4G service with an expected capability of 10 times the current speed and capacity of other networks, according to the Florida-based SmartSky.

As passenger and operational expectations increase across both business and commercial aviation sectors, airlines and operators are seeking greater transfer speeds and capabilities for cabin services and flight deck options.

Other next-generation cabin services providers are utilising powerful satellite communications networks, such as Inmarsat and Iridium, to deliver aircraft WiFi solutions that can be as effective in the sky as they can on the ground.

Other Business Aviation Passenger Communications Solutions ProvidersGogo, business aircraft communications provider, announced the launch of a new service at the AEA International Convention & Trade Show this week. The ATG 1000 is a new system for connectivity that is aimed at the light private aircraft market, offering passengers the chance to use their own personal smartphones inflight for calls and texts.

Additional services such as web browsing, can be added using a software key, offering complete flexibility for operators wishing to provide basic services.

This new offering from Gogo joins the passenger communications revolution sweeping the industry as traveller demand increases for affordable, yet fast connection speeds.

Business jet owners and operators are seeking solutions for inflight communications on all levels from the cabin to the cockpit to enable streamlined operations.

Other inflight connectivity providers, such as Rockwell Collins’ ARINCDirect, offer passenger communications with high-speed broadband to give larger operators and charter companies the capability of an office-in-the-sky, almost a prerequisite in the modern cabin.

Latest Technology for Monitoring Cabin PressureA California-based aviation technology company have launched a new innovation for pilots to detect a possible cabin pressurisation failure in a bit to combat accidents caused by hypoxia. AltAlert, the personal cabin pressure monitor is a simple device that is small and easy to carry, able to be clipped to a belt, shirt pocket or attached to a window via a small suction cup.

The device gives both audible and LED visual alarms to warn the pilot that the cabin altitude is climbing above specified thresholds.

Based on a NASA patent, AltAlert has a battery life of 18 months and was developed using algorithms for consistency and reliability. Four years in development, the monitor is the project of president and CEO of Carlsbad, Stacy Pappas Sawaya, who researched hypoxic-related accidents. She said, “I started researching the number of accidents logged with the NTSB related to pressurization. The Payne Stewart accident was the most highly publicized, but the total number is enormous. It was really just a coincidence that the TBM 900 went down last September; we were finishing up by then. It was yet another example of the need for this device and its lifesaving capabilities.”

The AltAlert device is now publicly available to pilots at many pilot shops at a cost of under $400.

GX Aviation Provides Aircraft Operators with Enhanced Cabin Services CapabilitiesHoneywell and Inmarsat have announced the successful completion of high-speed data performance tests of Jetwave MCS 8200 onboard aircraft hardware using the Inmarsat Global Xpress (GX) network.

Aimed at delivering high-speed aircraft WiFi to passengers, Inmarsat GX was tested for video streaming and file transfers at Honeywell’s UK facility in the West Country. The first GX satellite, launched last year is currently used for government and enterprise customers in the Indian Oceanic region, with a second satellite launched last month for the Americas and Atlantic region, and a third planned for later this year to cover the Pacific, GX aviation will eventually service and cover the entire globe, providing a seamless connectivity experience for passengers.

Honeywell and Inmarsat are delighted with the success of their testing and plan to commence higher data rate testing in the coming months.

Leo Mondale, Inmarsat Aviation president said, “Both the GX network and Honeywell’s terminal have met and exceeded our high expectations. We’re another step closer to bringing a true broadband experience to both commercial airlines and business aviation.”

Other Providers of Cabin Services Solutions - AirCrew Connect Singapore Airlines have introduced a new, tablet-based mobile app for cabin crew to improve and enhance customer services.

The app, TCS CrewCollab will automate and streamline many of the inflight processes that the cabin crew deal with in the air, such as processing customer flight lists, flight information and crew information, which traditionally has been handled on paper.

The entire system will increase efficiency throughout the cabin and improve passenger experience through enhanced customer services.

Singapore Airlines’ Senior Vice President Cabin Crew, Mr Marvin Tan said, “We are very pleased to collaborate with our long-standing partner Tata Consultancy Services to develop TCS CrewCollab Solution. The application is vital to how we will continue to improve our operations and enhance our customer servicing on board. We look forward to developing the application further in partnership with TCS, to enable our crew to offer a more personalised customer experience and meet our customers’ evolving travel needs.”

“Digital forces like mobile, social and big data analytics are creating tremendous possibilities for businesses globally. TCS CrewCollab Solution harnesses these digital forces in the hands of airline crew to deliver enriched customer experience,” said Ms S Sukanya, VP and Global Head, Travel Transportation and Hospitality Unit, TCS. “Singapore Airlines is one of our most valuable and long standing clients in the region and this partnership brings an industry-validated, ready-to-deploy solution to the airline industry.”