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cabinconnectGXIn a recent report from aviation analysts, it was found that the prices passengers are paying for inflight Wifi varies wildly, with some airlines offering a free service, and others charging up to £30.

So why the huge difference? Some providers say that the cost of installation of the aircraft system is a significant contributor to the high cost, yet it seems to be mostly the budget airlines offering free access, surprisingly.

Another complaint from passengers is the speed and quality of inflight Wifi. Onboard internet can be provided in two ways – via satellite communications or via air-to-ground communications systems. The air-to-ground option delivers higher speeds, but satellite is necessary for connectivity over oceanic expanses.

A growing number of airline passengers require inflight Wifi. Some commercial passengers want access to social media, or want to stream information, but others require access for business purposes. Executive travellers can often ‘charge’ inflight Wifi to their business expenses, but others are simply refusing to pay high prices that can be comparable with the cost of a monthly broadband fee at home.

Airlines need to look at their options, as it appears that the provision of inflight Wifi may become a source of competition amongst the airline community as time goes by.

Airlines for Europe begin final preparations for 2016 launch | Business Aviation newsAirlines for Europe (A4E) in in the final stages of preparation as the expected launch date of mid-January approaches.

Air France-KLM, easyjet, International Airlines Group (IAG), Lufthansa Group and Ryanair, Europe’s five biggest airline groups, have partnered to campaign about European aviation policies.

The new airline association began their plans in June this year, after more than 2 years of discussions, and have timed their launch date to correspond with a Dutch aviation summit to be held in Amsterdam (20-21st).

A4E aim to focus their intentions in accord, promising to ‘agree a position and be very loud on it’.

PASSENGER COMMSMost of us realise that mobile technology is the future of communications and we see it everywhere we look. Passengers on aircraft are beginning to demand mobile functionality to continue telling our friends, family and neighbours about our great flight. Providers are finding themselves under pressure to decrease costs and increase speeds.

Now we see that passengers are not the only ones using mobile devices to improve the cabin experience. Cabin crew can now get access to passenger data in real-time, which is enabling them to increase levels of customer service like never before.

Providers of the tech and solutions, such as Rockwell Collins with their ARINC Cabin Connect suite offer solutions for both the cabin and the flight deck utilising the same hardware. Soon, with comparable ground-speeds, boarding the aircraft and using the mobile device will be the same as sitting at home or in the office.

More about Inmarsat aircraft communications for business passengers from ARINCDirect | Other leading providersSatcom Direct has announced the validation of its business aviation passenger communications via Inmarsat services over the latest 5F-1 satellite for Jet ConneX.

Inmarsat Jet ConneX promises to deliver enhanced capabilities for the world’s business aircraft passengers as demands increase for connectivity.

Other providers of Inmarsat services exclusively for business aircraft, such as Rockwell Collins’ ARINCDirect, look forward to providing their customers with the ability to use personal devices from their seats in the aircraft with superfast speeds comparable to those on the ground.

AcrVisit the Acropolis Aviation website to view more images of the luxury airbusopolis Aviation, Farnborough, UK-based luxury Airbus charter provider, has received EASA approval for upgraded on-board Wifi and IFE systems.

Using a Rockwell Collins Skybox solution, Acropolis Aviation will be able to offer its passengers secure aircraft internet, in partnership with Satcom Direct’s SkyTicket.

Acropolis Aviation are pleased to offer the upgraded service and have enjoyed a ‘good working relationship’ with both companies.

Find Out More About Embraer's Phenom 300Brazilian-born Embraer Executive Jets has proudly announced the delivery of their 300th Phenom 300, the most popular business jet for two consecutive years.

The 300th jet was delivered last week to an undisclosed US client, marking the same milestone one year later than its smaller brother, the Phenom 100/100E.

Embraer has high hopes for the Phenom 300, whose fleet has achieved a 57% share of the light jet market over 28 countries over the six years of operation.

Global Jet Capital to buy GE Capital business jet portfolio in the Americas | Business aviation newsIt has been announced this week that Global Jet Capital, Florida-based aviation financing company, are to buy GE Capital’s Americas corporate aircraft portfolio in a deal that involves an estimated $2.5 billion in net assets.

The agreement, the details of which have not been made public, is expected to close by the end of the financial year and will also involve the GE Capital corporate aircraft team.

Global Jet Capital was launched only last year and is already heavily investing in business expansion via acquisition and organic means. Owned and capitalised by GSO Capital Partners, AE Industrial Partners and The Carlyle Group, the company is building an impressive portfolio and is managed by an executive committee that includes experienced personnel from the business aviation sector.

Business Aviation Services Provider | Corporate SpecialistsLast month, Oakland County International Airport hosted an expo in partnership with the Michigan Business Aviation Association in a bid to bring more business aircraft to the region.

The event, held at the LEED Gold-certified terminal, featured four workshops – ‘Getting Started with Business Aviation’, ‘Operating a Flight Department in Your Business’, ‘The Ins and Outs of an Aircraft Transaction’ and ‘FAA Medical Certification Update’ – and 25 exhibitors, inviting business jet owners and operators to the airport’s runways.

Tours of aircraft and some of the airport’s facilities for business aviation were also conducted.

Find out more about Inmarsat | Business Aviation NewsInmarsat, the British satellite company that sprang into the headlines earlier this year when they aided the search for lost Malaysian Airlines flight MH370, have said that they have conducted tests that show the possibilities for tracking flights at 15 minute intervals without the need for elevated costs.

The tests, conducted with Qantas Airways and Virgin Australia, highlighted that current technology is capable of identifying aircraft positioning every 15 minutes, effectively supporting the ICAO plan to scrap current 30-40 minute reporting intervals.

Inmarsat suggested that 15-minute reporting intervals are possible without raising costs, creating a ‘good balance’ between monitoring requirements, limitations of the system installed and the cost of operation.

Today it has been discussed that Carlyle Group LP could sell Landmark Aviation for up to $1.7 billion. Landmark Aviation is a business jet maintenance and leasing company headquartered in Houston, Texas, with 68 locations across the US, Canada and Europe, and cites itself as one of the largest FBO networks.

The comments, from undisclosed parties, have not been confirmed by either Landmark Aviation or the Carlyle Group, who bought the company in 2012.