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Understand Complex Aviation MessagingAviation messaging involves a complex system of communications across many different mediums and the support infrastructure can become cluttered, difficult to understand and expensive.

Earlier this month, Canada underwent a completion of safety and efficiency enhancements with the implementation of Controller-Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC). The introduction of CPDLC offers controllers and pilots the opportunity to communicate over data link or text-type messages rather than voice.

“Miscommunication is a common air safety issue, but there is much less chance of error when both the flight crew and the controller have the ability to communicate using standardized text messaging. With data link there is no need to read-back and hear-back instructions, which often need to be repeated several times due to poor radio reception or voice quality due to static interference and poor reception.” said Rudy Kellar, Executive Vice President, Service Delivery.

Aviation messaging consultants can assist airlines and operators with understanding, simplification and cost-saving with CPDLC and other critical messaging solutions. Type B messaging within aviation environments can streamline processes both in the air and on the ground, minimising delays and increasing operational productivity.

Advanced Information Management Systems ProvidersAviation access management solutions are essential to maintain seamless access control within airports and secure facilities and the marketplace welcomes the latest expansion from Global Elite Group (GEG) this week. Secure Swipe is a portable hand-held unit that utilises a bar code, magnetic strip and RFID reader.

 “Aviation management requires a critical eye to identify where vulnerabilities are, that must be addressed. Having a unit which tracks and records where workers go will accomplish this goal,” said William McGuire, president & CEO of GEG.

The system, specifically designed for the aviation industry, adds a level of mobile security to a platform that improves basic entry security, including outside entry points with documented activity and serves as a guard tour to record an operator’s location.

Comprehensive aviation security is critical on many levels and access management solutions bring a layer of reliability to monitoring the in and outflow of airport staff. Access management solutions providers can enhance overall operational productivity and help to manage costs within the airport infrastructure.

Providers of Airline Messaging SolutionsThe US Department of Transportation’s first level approval of IATA’s plan to update airline messaging standards could mean that it will become easier for airlines to sell ancillary products and services to passengers at the time of booking. IATA’s Resolution 787 is concerned with what they are terming ‘the New Distribution Capability’ (NDC), governed by XML messaging, which will allow airlines to share their merchandise, ‘extras’ and upgrades with agents and other third-party distributors.

The long-awaited XML standard will be welcomed industry-wide for the distribution of the many varied products and services offered by different airlines. Currently, carriers are using a variety of methods to market services such as checked baggage, seats with greater legroom, Wifi and express boarding, for example.

The standard initially received opposition, particularly in the area of data sharing and consumer privacy. IATA addressed many of these concerns at their Annual Meeting last June and filed mutually-agreed conditions to the standards after subsequent discussions with the opposers, who included the Open Allies for Airfare Transparency.

It has also been generally and conditionally agreed that buying and other personal information would only be shared upon permission of the traveller.