Aviation Messaging Solution Improves Communications

Understand Complex Aviation MessagingAviation messaging involves a complex system of communications across many different mediums and the support infrastructure can become cluttered, difficult to understand and expensive.

Earlier this month, Canada underwent a completion of safety and efficiency enhancements with the implementation of Controller-Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC). The introduction of CPDLC offers controllers and pilots the opportunity to communicate over data link or text-type messages rather than voice.

“Miscommunication is a common air safety issue, but there is much less chance of error when both the flight crew and the controller have the ability to communicate using standardized text messaging. With data link there is no need to read-back and hear-back instructions, which often need to be repeated several times due to poor radio reception or voice quality due to static interference and poor reception.” said Rudy Kellar, Executive Vice President, Service Delivery.

Aviation messaging consultants can assist airlines and operators with understanding, simplification and cost-saving with CPDLC and other critical messaging solutions. Type B messaging within aviation environments can streamline processes both in the air and on the ground, minimising delays and increasing operational productivity.

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