Manchester Airport Transformation Program to Keep Passengers Dry and Maximise Turnaround Management

Global Airports News | Manchester Airport ImprovementsManchester Airports Group (MAG) will install new passenger bridges to enhance and improve aircraft boarding and turnaround management as a part of its plans in the Manchester Airport Transformation Program – a project that will see around £1 billion in investment.

The plan for the new passenger boarding bridges will roll out gradually over 2018 and 2019, and are set to deliver greater flexibility and efficiency to the airport turnaround management. Additionally, passengers will receive welcome relief from the UK weather, being completely protected within the new bridges, which will be enclosed with glass sides.

Aircraft turnaround management is a critical process, which can lead to expensive ground delays if not handled to its greatest effect. Many global airports employ a turnaround system in real time, and some have mobile capabilities, such as Rockwell Collins’ ARINC AirTQM, for example.

MAG’s grand plan for Manchester Airport, which will continue until 2020, will give the airport greater capacity to handle 45 million passengers annually, almost 20 million more than it can today.

Airports across the globe are focussing increasingly on passenger experience and customer service. A seamless airport experience is being worked towards all over the world, and is challenging for airports of all sizes, particularly in the current climate, with security at the top of all priority lists. Delays and queuing are constantly monitored with passenger experience high on the agenda.

The new passenger boarding bridges at Manchester Airport are expected to increase efficiency initially at Pier one of Terminal two, and should, once the project is completed, help Manchester Airport to achieve greater efficiency and enhance productivity considerably.

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