Shannon Airport Passenger Screening Trials Underway

Airports News | Business Aviation BlogIreland’s Shannon Airport has become the first international airport in the world to take part in a pioneering EU-funded trial for passenger screening using a new pre-clearance check point.

The initiative takes a combination of European and US pre-clearance check points, and amalgamates the best of each into one new concept, designed to comply with dual regulations.

The trial will focus on improving passenger experience, while making the most of the technology to enhance airport security screening. Currently, US-bound passengers must move through two separate screening systems, and queue separately each time.  The new system utilises just one check point, performing both screening requirements for compliance with each mandate.

Today, passenger experience is high on the priority list for airport operators, where traffic is increasing at an average rate of 5% every year. It is critical to maintain passenger flow to minimise airport congestion, yet equally, if not more important to realise security goals concurrently.

The trial of the new passenger screening check point will begin this month and run for an initial ten-week period.

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