UK’s Gatwick Airport Vies with Heathrow for Expansion

gatwick-airport-expansionGatwick airport is directly contesting with Heathrow for an expansion of its facilities, as both airports vie for position in the race to build and operate another runway.

An additional runway at Gatwick could generate as many as 28,000 jobs, according to a new report issued recently by Arup. It is also estimated that an expansion of facilities and services could result in the stimulation of 120,000 UK-wide jobs, in addition to future opportunity for young people with the establishment of an apprenticeship fund that could amount to £3.75million.

A new initiative has recently gained ground for Gatwick airport in the form of a partnership alliance with three UK universities – Brighton, University College London and Imperial College London – offering three places each year for graduates to join the engineering teams at the airport.

A spokesperson for Gatwick has confirmed that the airport can also ‘deliver a new runway faster [than Heathrow], and have a spade in the ground before 2020.’

The airports expansion project has been big news in the UK for a number of years, following protests by residents near both sites concerning noise and environmental pollution issues.

The UK Government has delayed a decision about any airport expansion project until October 2016.

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