US Government Watchdog Declares TSA Deficient in Airport Perimeter Security

Airport perimeter security needs attention from the TSA | Business Aviation BlogThe US Government Accountability Office has issued a report that states airport perimeter security and access control security would ‘benefit from risk assessment and strategy updates’, following a string of complaints from both passengers and airport personnel, which could potentially create ‘dangerous vulnerability’ for the aviation system across the entire country.

The report also states that the TSA is, and should be, responsible for setting minimum standards in place for airports of all sizes. According to the Government Accountability Office, the TSA has failed to update its policies to reflect the current and potential threats to the commercial aviation system.

Airport perimeter security and access breaches appear to be on the increase, which defeats the purpose of extensive analysis when no action is taken to make improvements.

Providers of physical security solutions, including airport perimeter security and access control systems, work with customers to identify and prioritise gaps in security to tailor solutions to facility-specific requirements.

Read the full report from the GAO here.

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