Temporary Flight Restrictions Continue to Present Problems

Delivery of TFRs by Air Traffic Services | Find Out More About Aviation MessagingTemporary Flight Restrictions (TFRs) are issued when issues arise within airspace, whether that may be due to weather warnings, large flocks of birds migrating or an unscheduled VIP flight.

TFRs are issued in the form of NOTAMs to flight deck personnel and must be delivered swiftly and securely. Methods of delivery include ACARS messaging or Type B messaging and some respected providers can guarantee delivery within one second.

The NBAA maintain that VIP TFRs continue to cause problems for the business aviation industry, with restrictions effectively blocking access, as happened recently when the President of the United States planned to fly into Orlando on the eve of the NBAA Convention.

The TFR threatened to disrupt access for business jets to the Orlando Executive Airport and the NBAA worked with the FAA and airport security in an attempt to minimise disruption. The TFR was cancelled just a few hours into the 24-hour period, but it served to remind officials of the problems presented to the business aviation industry.

Although the NBAA concede that issues have improved in recent years, problems still arise from TFRs, but the focus must always remain on security, rather than access to airspace.

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