Data Sharing Requirements Up in the Air Between UK & Germany

Reliable Data Sharing from Leading APIS ProvidersSome German carriers could find themselves out in the cold with suspended UK flights if UK Government directives concerning the provision of Advance Passenger Information are passed, but not complied with.

Issues could arise as the UK border control system mirrors a similar system in the U.S. and asks for mandatory delivery of Advance Passenger Information in order for security services to monitor the movements of potential persons of interest as they travel to or pass through the UK. However, other countries in the E.U. would need to amend areas of their privacy laws in order for the system to be effective.

UK Home Office secretary, Mr Mark Sedwill issued a statement according to the Guardian newspaper, “We are looking in future legislation at taking mandatory powers. We are working with all the airlines. We have 90% of Advance Passenger Information.”

Advance Passenger Information (API) includes the personal details of passengers and flight crew and in some instances also contains methods of payment and itinerary details. In the U.S. API is a mandatory requirement and assists security agencies with monitoring and tracking of ‘at risk’ passengers.

Continuing, Mr Sedwill said, “We are in discussions, which for obvious reasons I have to keep somewhat private, with other EU countries to change their data protection legislation in order to require this data of the carrier.”

Other German airlines include Lufthansa and Germania. The debate will continue and was due to be discussed during the recent G6 summit in Paris last week.

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