Sabreliner Aviation Plans BizAv MRO Expansion

BizAv Expansion Plans for SabrelinerSabreliner Services president, Greg Fedele, speaking from the company’s headquarters in Perryville, Mo., this week, has outlined plans for a reinvention of the company following its purchase by Innovative Capital Holdings in January.

Plans include the expansion of business aviation MRO services, bringing military experience into civilian, business jet work. Fedele said, “The extent and breadth of the capabilities appealed to the new owners. There isn’t anything we can’t do to an airplane; we have an interior, paint, avionics and engine shop, and we do metalwork, composites, structural, engineering, all right here.”

Starting with shopping MRO work on King Air, Learjet 35 and PC-12, with plan for expansion of their experience with 500-series Cessna Citations, the company will be seeking FAA approval to work on business jets for the civilian market.

There are also plans to ‘acquire, upgrade and ‘flip’ older Sabreliners, with particular interest in the Sabreliner 65 for sale to private clients.

While Fedele recognizes that it is not simply a case of competing in the civilian world, he feels confident that the team can achieve its goals. He said, “The new owners and I are bullish on the future of this business. We really want to grow and put Sabreliner back on the map.”

In 200,000sq ft. premises at Perryville Municipal Airport, Fedele realises there is room for expansion.

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