The Top Three Most Popular Business Jets

Bombardier Business JetBusiness jets contribute $150 billion to the U.S. economy and are much less of a ‘frippery’ than once thought. More than 1.2 million people are employed within the sector and although there has been an overall decrease in the industry over the past year, there are many that speculate that the business aviation sector is on the increase across the globe. Many countries outside the U.S. are experiencing high economic growth and the number of wealthy individuals are on the up – let’s take a look at the top three business jets in the sector to see what they will be buying…

Top of the pile is Bombardier, who delivered 180 business jets in 2013. Not the best year, but with 62 of those deliveries being Global 5000 and 600, large business jets with 5,200 nm and 6,000 mn range respectively, these are big players at a cool approximate price of $48 – $60 million.

In second place comes Gulfstream, subsidiary of General Dynamics Group. It was a great financial year for them with 144 business jet deliveries in 2013, making it their best year on record. The Gulfstream 450 jet has a capacity for 16 passengers and has a range of 4,350 nm. The 550 can carry up to 18 passengers and has a range of 6,750 nm and the Gulfstream 650 jets also carry up to 18 people, but have a range of 7,000 nm. The popularity of longer-range jets has been noticeable in recent times. Prices range from $38.9 to $65 million.

Coming in a close third is the famous Cessna manufacturer with 139 deliveries last year. Not a bumper year for them, but not a bad score for the shorter-range family of Citation business jets.

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