Pilatus Officially Unveil PC24 Jet on Swiss National Day

Pilatus PC24 Official LaunchMore than 25,000 people watched the Swiss aircraft manufacturer, Pilatus unveil their latest and some would say greatest business jet yet, the PC24 last week. At a spectacular launch, kicked off with a fly-by of all the aircraft that have ever made production during the company’s 75-year history, the new PC24 was pulled out by a team of 24 horses.

More than 120 performers and the children of company staff were involved in the launch and the event was enjoyed by all – children, high-ranking guests, fans and customers of Pilatus.

“Today’s celebration is a clear sign of our commitment to Switzerland as a centre of vision and action. Our company was established here in Stans exactly 75 years ago. We have seen our activities grow and expand here in Stans, and this is where we want to be in the future: in Stans, producing our aircraft for sale to customers around the world,” said Oscar Schwenk, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Pilatus. “It’s wonderful that so many thousands of guests from Switzerland, and also from countries nearby and further afield, have made the effort to be with us here today, to celebrate this event together. The PC-24 marks a really important milestone in our 75-year history“.

The ceremony marked the official launch of the first prototype of the beautiful business jet, which was showcased at the recent EBACE exhibition, where 84 models were sold.

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