Identity Management Solution Streamlines Security at Sao Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport

Physical Security & Access Solutions ProvidersThe busiest airport in Latin America is positively humming at the moment with the elevated traffic levels for the World Cup. Expected traffic increases ahead of the Olympics has encouraged a push for modernisation in the airport and security systems.

GRU has implemented an Identity Management System, including both physical and access solutions, which is intended to streamline airport operations. GRU engaged Quantum Secure for the implementation of their ‘SAFE for Aviation’ software.

Identity Management Software can help to streamline operations with the ability to define credentials with necessary privileges and security checks requirements, lifecycle management, and the management of watch lists and TSA ‘No-Fly’ lists during the enrolment process.

Using the software, operatives will be able to use Smartphones and Tablets with the Aviation Mobile Infraction module.

The software is also able to create an audit trail for all employees and visitors, with the option of using fingerprint technology. The sophisticated software will revolutionise the way that GRU employs personnel (temporary and permanent) and moves them, visitors and contractors around the airport.

“SAFE is designed to the TSA paradigm, so we have brought those concepts to GRU, which are meeting and exceeding ANAC’s current capabilities, making airport security more traveler-friendly, secure and streamlined,” said Ajay Jain, President and CEO of Quantum Secure. “With SAFE, GRU is able to streamline its security and credentialing operations, ensure compliance with TSA-level policies and future-proof its physical security infrastructure while also benefiting from significant cost reductions.”

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