Passenger Name Record Transfer Agreement with EU & Canada

Find out more about Passenger Name Record data transferLast month saw a new agreement signed on the process, collection and transfer of Passenger Name Record details by air carriers to the authorities in Canada. The new terms supersede the current agreement made in 2006.

A legal framework will be established for the transfer of Passenger Name Record (PNR) data by carriers operating flights between the EU and Canada. Transmission of the passenger data must remain secure and transfer to the correct authority must be ensured. Subsequent use of the data by the authorities must remain secure.

PNR data is used for the prevention of and the detection of terrorist activity or serious crime and the subsequent investigation and prosecution of the said activity if necessary.

Before the agreement is put into place, consent must be obtained from the European Parliament, and then the EU Council of Ministers can adopt its decision on the conclusion of the agreement. Similar agreements for the transfer of Passenger name Record information are in place with the USA and Australia.

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