Private Jet Travel Could Save Companies Money Over Commercial

Private Jet Travel Communications for PassengersA delve into the travel arrangements of companies over the past few years has revealed that many corporations could save money over the long-term by using private jet travel over regular commercial flights.

It is not the first method of travel that springs to the mind of a company director when sending employees to other parts of the country to business meetings, yet when taken as a cost-measuring exercise, the results can be surprising.

There are four main modes of private jet transport:

  • Charter
  • Fractional Ownership
  • Jet Card
  • Ownership

Many large corporations do operate, own and run private jets for business purposes. Private jets are not always available for general employees, yet the savings are there to be made.

Taking travel time, airport processing time and flight hours into consideration for a group of employees can add up quickly when using commercial airlines. The time reduction for a business charter flight is significant and when weighed against the ‘down time’ of the employees travelling on commercial airlines, considering the additional passenger connectivity options for business jets, actual work hours can be greatly increased.

Charter flight is perfect for companies that fly employees less than 25 hours per year on a flexible schedule or are headquartered near a major metropolitan centre.

Jet cards are sold in minimum denominations of 25 hours and are ideal for companies that send employees on business trips that involve a stay of longer than 24 hours (no round trip options).

Fractional ownership of a jet means buying segments at a minimum of 50 hours. This option is perfect for those companies that use private jets, but do not want the running costs on their accounts.

If your company measures costs for off-site business meetings, it is easy to see that private jets and the business aviation sector can offer a solution that can spell long-term savings. Business travellers can meet the needs of the company far more effectively when travelling using business aviation – the cost is not measured simply by the price of the seat.


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