UK Prime Minister Says “Air Safety Must Come First” as Airport Security Measures Tighten

Airport Security ProvidersUK PM David Cameron today said that the safety of air passengers ‘must come first’ when commenting on the tightening of airport security across the UK amidst fears of possible terrorist attacks announced in Washington.

It is hoped that unnecessary delays are not caused, but it is clear that no risks can be taken with the threat of an attack plot from the Yemen and Syrian extremist groups.

Mr Cameron said, speaking to the BBC yesterday, “We take these decisions looking at the evidence in front of us and working with our partners. This is something we’ve discussed with the Americans and what we have done is put in place some extra precautions and extra checks. The safety of the travelling public must come first. We mustn’t take any risks with that. I hope this won’t lead to unnecessary delays but it’s very important that we always put safety first, and we do.”

For the time being, airport security measures will be tightened, although it is not yet clear to what extent. Significant disruption is expected, but airport security officials are working closely with the UK government to initiate procedures that keep delays to a minimum. Air passengers are advised to allow plenty of time to pass through security at the borders.

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