UAE Private Jets Most Popular Destination is Nice, France

nice-business jets 22-06-14According to a recent study conducted by Private Jet Charter, the French city of Nice is the most popular destination for private jets out of the UAE, with five trips per year.

Following a close second is Paris for shopping, with four trips annually, then London for business, with two trips per year.

Nice is thought to be the most popular destination due to the belief that UAE high-net-worth individuals prefer to escape the hot summer months by travelling to high-end parts of Europe. Geneva is also popular for skiing during the season.

The report goes on to comment that UAE private jet users appreciate the ‘luxury and hassle-free environment’ that is provided by private charter and many are beginning to use private jets to connect to scheduled commercial airlines to destinations that are not on a standard route.

The staunch growth witnessed in the UAE of business aviation is also partly attributed to the new Al Makhtoum International Airport in Dubai, which now has exclusive private jet facilities with reduced slot restrictions and luxurious lounges.

It is thought that more and more exclusive requirements will need to be met across the UAE and further afield as the business aviation community grows.

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