Airport Operations Improvements for A-CDM Rollout

Find out more about airport operations The Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) initiative, due to be launched by EUROCONTROL and ACI Europe early next year will attempt to gain the most from the current airways infrastructure that is threatening to be overwhelmed by 2035.

Airport operations must work closely with air traffic management departments to ensure that all departments have access to critical data sharing to enable the initiative to work at its utmost effectiveness.

This can be achieved, according to Lockheed Martin, by the implementation of airport operations software that will centralise key elements of data sharing and process management.

Lockheed Martin have developed Chroma Airport Suite to help make this process easier, similarly to ARINC’s Enterprise Hub web-based system.

Airport operations can benefit from web-based applications, giving customers the flexibility that they need to manage changing business and operational requirements and can aid a cost-sharing initiative to manage cost efficiencies across the entire messaging environment.

As the industry experiences growth, year-on-year, sharing data and information is becoming a necessity and web-based services can ensure streamlined messaging platforms that enable data sharing at source. This process in turn can optimise the A-CDM initiative with information at the fingertips of those who need it.

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