Rockwell Collins’ Pro Line Fusion Avionics for Bombardier’s Latest Business Jet

Business Jet Connectivity ProvidersBombardier’s latest addition to the family is the Learjet 85, a beautiful single-aisle business jet with a capacity for up to 8 passengers. The aircraft will include Rockwell Collins’ award-winning Pro-Line Fusion avionics and the horizontal stabiliser trim system (HSTS) for superior flight deck connectivity.

The HSTS helps to control the pitch of the horizontal stabilizer, which can reduce drag and trim the aircraft to improve efficiency for the entire flight. With two placement point in the aircraft frame, safety is optimised, as the Learjet features thinner cabin walls to maximise space inside, improving passenger experience and comfort.

Pro Line Fusion is the latest award-winning offering from Rockwell Collins, featuring the largest LCD displays in the industry at 15.1 inch and a suite of capabilities including, but not limited to:

• Dual Flight Management System
• Localised Performance with Vertical Guidance
• Integrated Flight Information System,
• Synthetic vision
• Intuitive electronic checklists
• Electronic Circuit Breaker display and control

Bombardier’s Learjet 85 took its first flight this week in Wichita, Kansas and will be ready for the first deliveries in early 2015.

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