Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport to Upgrade Baggage Handling System

Other Baggage Handling Systems ProvidersAs demand increases at Stockholm-Arlanda Airport, with a record that reached almost 21 million passengers last year, the decision has been taken to upgrade the baggage handling system in terminal 5. The upgrade plan will include the integration of Septembers’ mandatory standard two screening and it is hoped that the current baggage handling system will continue to operate to keep disruption to a minimum while work is being carried out.

Stockholm-Arlanda is managed and operated by Swedavia, who have awarded the upgrade contract to Crisplant, a part of the Beumer Group who provide baggage handling systems and logistics solutions. The company have been selected to extend the tilt-tray sorter in terminal 5 in addition to the upgrade of the control systems within the terminal building.

Baggage handling systems can help to streamline the passenger processing system and therefore, with careful integration, can help to maximise productivity, particularly during peak times and busy periods. With demand expected to continue rising, it makes sense that expediting the check-in and baggage handling process is necessary to avoid costly ground delays for both passenger experience and airport management.

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