New African HQ for Flight Support Services UAS

Flight Support Services Providers for Business AviationDubai-based United Aviation Services (UAS) has opened a new facility in Johannesburg, South Africa, to be managed by the group’s new director of business development for Africa, Wynand Meyers. Meyers has a career history with Jeppesen, the subsidiary of Boeing that manages flight planning.

UAS’s plans will involve the opening of more offices across Africa, to provide flight planning and flight support services to the growing business aviation sector. Mr Meyers’ experience includes overseeing the ground-handling network for India, the Middle East and Africa with Jeppesen.

UAS will also be getting involved in the training and preparation of local employees and have set up a scholarship to encourage participation developing countries in addition to running the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) ground handling management course. Business aviation is taking off in Africa and essential flight support services providers are wise to be setting the scene for future operations.

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