India Excited About Planned Solar Impulse Landing

Solar Impulse Will Make Aviation History The first day and night, solar powered aircraft is expected to land in India in April 2015 amid much excitement, approximately one year after it is officially unveiled. The record-breaking expedition will take approximately three months with actual flight time of around 20-25 days.

It is not yet clear where Solar Impulse will land in India, but it is hoped that two landings will be made on the west and the east coast.

“Solar Impulse will land in India in April 2015 and will be the first ever day and night-abled solar powered aircraft to do so,” Solar Impulse CEO Andre Borschberg said. “Solar Impulse that weighs 2,740 kg is an attempt to push the envelope as far as research and innovation are concerned in areas such as renewable energy and materials research. It is also a powerful educational tool, encouraging young minds to unleash their imagination.”

Powered by 12,000 solar cells and no fossil fuels, the aircraft reaches high altitudes during daylight hours to enable it to glide at night, covering long distances as it slowly descends.

The amazing Solar Impulse is the first aircraft in history to fly solely under the power of the sun and can reach speeds of up to 70km per hour. Built in Switzerland, the manufacturers have harnessed the latest technology which they plan to showcase around the world.

Mr Borschberg is proud of the opportunity to illustrate the potential of modern technology and said that if it can be used effectively within an aircraft, the potential for use on the ground will be clear.

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