Indian Pilots Will Receive Real-Time Weather Data with AWOS

Reliable & Efficient Real Time Weather Data SolutionsFor the first time, pilots in India will be able to gain online access to real-time weather data thanks to the Aviation Weather Observation System (AWOS) that was rolled out at Juhu Airport by IMD Mumbai.

This will now offer pilots a much-needed update to the system of weather warning, as the new system will continuously monitor weather conditions and, using the new air traffic control tower wifi, information on weather conditions will be relayed to pilots via hand-held PC’s.

The system will now give pilots real-time weather data regarding conditions of visibility, wind patterns, temperature, pressure and types of clouds in addition to advance weather warnings through a wireless capability of a range of 50 nautical miles.

The system will come into its own during monsoon season, during which visibility is most commonly affected. “It is a great leap in aviation meteorological forecasting,” said Deputy-Director General of meteorology, IMD Mumbai, K S Hosalikar, and said that the AAI had granted clearance for the installation and for the operation at the required frequency.

The rollout of the greatly enhanced system will be the first time that pilots in the area have had access to such up-to-date information as real-time weather data. It is expected that safety and operational productivity will show considerable improvements.

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