WSI Corp Aircraft Datalink Package Brings Global Flight Tracking

Global Flight Tracking Services for Business AviationHoneywell GDC Aircraft Datalink clients of WSI Corporation can now look forward to global flight tracking as part of the WSI Fusion Package. The announcement is a part of the WSI and Honeywell agreement to enhance business aviation operations.

Global flight tracking enables operators to stay ahead and facilitates operational decision making that will keep flights on time, reducing the impact of disruptive events, such as adverse weather conditions in the planned flight path.

WSI Corporation, based in Massachusetts with offices in Birmingham, U.K. bring weather data to aviation and rely upon aircraft datalink communications to deliver up-to-date, reliable information. Business aviation operators are flying increasingly greater distances and global flight tracking is a valuable tool for the industry sector.

ARINC Direct is another provider of business aviation services to the sector and offer global flight tracking as part of their Flight Support Services package. Global flight tracking is made possible using the network partnership of Inmarsat and Iridium satellites, which can bring seamless connectivity for aircraft datalinkĀ  communications.

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