Plans to Expand Routes and Attract More Passengers to UAE & Ras Al Khaimah Airport

The capture of passenger data is always important and new technology at RAK International airport will be utilized to its utmost as plans to expand routes to bring more passengers to the UAE and RAK International in particular are well underway.

The improvements to the airport itself and its infrastructure has increased capacity to 1.5 million passengers and all will need passenger processing and passenger data transfer.

“We are catering to the growth of RAK Airways and the expansion of routes to Ras Al Khaimah from Europe, the CIS (Commonwealth of the Independent States), Russia and Western Europe,” Mohammad Qazi, acting CEO of Ras Al Khaimah International, said.

RAK Airways has already expanded its destinations this year to 12, launching a service to Riyadh, Islamabad and Amman and has plans to add another 40 destinations with the expansion of its fleet.

Russian Ural Airlines operating from Domodedovo International Airport in Moscow is expected to bring in an additional 12,000 Russian visitors to the UAE, utilising RAK hotels and restaurants and helping to increase revenue and ultimately investment to bring the total hotel and resort space to 10,000 rooms by 2016.

Ras Al Khaimah International has been in talks with European airlines to encourage further business, two of which, Jet Air and Russia’s Ural Airlines have brought their operations to the airport.

The growing sector is encouraging emerging markets, such as Russia with plans for expansion and economic growth.  Aviation companies, such as ARINC, who have a dedicated Russian language site, are supportive of the emergence of Eastern European business.

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