ARINC AviNet Mail Chosen by More Than 1,000 Users in the First Half of 2013

ARINC’s AviNet Mail was selected by more than 1,000 users during the first half of 2013; it was recently announced, lending weight to the claim that the aviation messaging solution is indeed industry-leading!

AviNet Mail and ARINC’s AviSec solutions reliably and securely deliver more than 30 million messages per day to over 30,000 users, figures that represent half the world’s critical type b messaging. ARINC’s cost-effective solution enables Type b and SMS messaging over a secure network and is used daily by airlines, airports, ground handling operations, caterers and dispatch operators, to name but a few…

One of the features of the system is that the AviNet Mail service can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection and is operated upon a highly secure, private network.  Sensitive data can be reliably transmitted via a single user interface, enabling the low-cost transmission of passenger data, including advanced passenger information and PNR in addition to all other critical messaging.

“AviNet Mail is the industry’s leading platform because it enables customers to maximize operational efficiency and, ultimately, reduce Type B messaging costs,” said Laura Birt, Sales Director, Aviation Solutions at ARINC EMEA. “We are seeing this continuous rise in adoption and use because AviNet Mail is a highly reliable solution that ensures critical messages are communicated quickly and efficiently—and in line with our customers’ budgets.”

ARINC continue to provide innovative solutions for the aviation industry, staying ahead of the game in this ever-expanding sector.

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