ARINC Direct Markets Xplore Satcom Box at LABACE

Following the announcement of the proposed sale of its parent company, ARINC Direct senior director of sales, Joel Ehrmann admitted that the merger could provide opportunities for both companies in terms of online flight planning and support services, but he was unable to talk about the deal.

“It’s still got to be approved by regulators,” he said, “So its business as usual until the sale completes. But there are a lot of potential synergies.”

Flight planning

At LABACE this year, ARINC Direct had their latest innovation, Xplore, the SATCOM box.  Once certified, the connection of iPad and other mobile devices in the cockpit will be easily and efficiently linked to the Iridium satellite network.  ARINC Direct may begin the pitch to helicopters, especially in the offshore oil industry.

ARINC Direct seem to be preparing for a new office in Brazil shortly; according to Mr Ehrmann, “The major thing here is everyone’s ramping up for the World Cup and Olympics in Rio.”  He believes that major improvements will be seen in infrastructure and activity.

Mr Ehrmann would not comment as to how many Brazillian or Latin American customers ARINC Direct have, but stated that worldwide, the company cater to over 3,100 aircraft.

ARINC Direct’s iPad app has been particularly popular in the business jet industry, with its flexibility for flight planning and flight support services.  It will work well with the Xplore box in the cockpit of private aircraft across the globe.

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