BAOA Suggest APIS to Combat Security Concerns in India

It has been suggested by BAOA that to implementation of APIS could help to alleviate the security concerns raised in India.

Due to these heightened security concerns, the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs has blocked temporary landing permits (TLPs) for the crews of foreign business jets of non-scheduled operators (NSOPs).  They will now require mandatory employment visa’s from them to work upon flights within the country after arrival and the possibility of advance passenger information system (APIS).

The movement has placed severe restrictions upon business aviation within India and may be as much as 60% of the entire movement of 24,000 general aviation aircraft on a monthly basis recorded last year that will be affected by the regulatory changes.

Previous TLP’s were issued through the Bureau of Immigration for up to 72 hours for NSOPs foreign registered aircraft flight crew.

Mr Rajesh Bali, Secretary of the Business Aircraft Operators Association (BAOA) is concerned that business and tourism industries will be hit by the changes and recommended to the Government that they mandate APIS for NSOPs which will enable the MHA to ‘Scrutinise personally any passenger or crew flying in on business jets, as it happens in the case of scheduled airlines.’

APIS is currently mandatory for US flights, both national and international and gives the DHS the opportunity to highlight possible high risk passengers and crew before the flight even touches down.

While the issue of TLPs is suspended, airports in major destinations, such as Delhi and Mumbai are losing vital revenue in fees from business aviation.

The BAOA has suggested that if MHA will move to implement a system where crew would be issued a 3-5 year visa as is the regulation in the US, that it continue to issue TLPs until a permanent decision can be made.

Digital APIS offers reliable and secure delivery of Advance Passenger Information and Passenger Name Records, including that of the aircraft crew.  APIS solutions are offered by business aviation communications providers for border security.

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