New Zealand Aviation Industry Association Adds Careers Day to Aviation Conference Week

The New Zealand Aviation Industry Association has announced their intention to add a Careers Open Day to the end of their Aviation Conference Week in a bid to inspire and attract people to consider aviation training as a career opportunity.

The move comes after estimates of 4000 jobs in the sector will need to be filled over the next five years adding up to around 800 jobs per year.  Roles include aeronautical engineers, pilots in commercial and general aviation, air traffic controllers, flying instructors, airport security, ground crew and flight attendants, but are only a portion of the range of skills that are estimated to be required to enable New Zealand to progress in its efforts to reach current growth targets.

Many of the leading training facilitators and aviation organizations will present career opportunities and industry information during the Open Day, in addition to representatives from the NZ tourist industry in a bid to attract new talent if the $16 billion-dollar targets are to be met.

AIA Chief Executive, Irene King, says, “We need more people entering our industry and it’s just such an exciting place to be with career openings and opportunities predicted to be plenty over the next five years.”

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