Growth in Bombardier Raises Profile in Business Aviation

Bombardier, the third-largest aircraft manufacturer in the world, experienced a rise in business jet orders during the first quarter.

Rising production costs have caused a fall in profits, but the company is well-placed for the future, according to their Chief Executive, who said “We’re very well positioned for future growth.”

Bombardier has delivered 10 more aircraft than last year at this point, with 39 business aircraft already and a further 13 commercial aircraft, an increase from 6 this time last year.  This all spells good things for Bombardier, making them a serious contender in the business jet market, currently dominated by Airbus and Boeing.

The Company also build high-speed, commuter and regional trains and currently have an ongoing joint venture in China with the new ‘Zefiro 380 high-speed train’, reaching speeds of 385 kph during last month’s testing.

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