Must have Apps for Aviators

I have been following a post this week from AOPA. They deem the following as the absolutes must haves:

Nav Trainer Pro ($4.99 on iTunes and Google Play) –  Help you practice and teach the use of aviation navigation equipment. It includes VOR, HSI, RMI, ADF, DME, and ILS simulation.

MyRadar Pro ($1.99 on iTunes) – The app that shows animated weather at your location. For $2.99, you can add a hurricane tracker.

PocketFMS EasyVFR (free in iTunes and Google Play) – The app allows users to create detailed flight plans on a computer, save them to Web storage, and load them on any mobile device. It provides route planning, weather, and notams, and computes performance, weight and balance, and fuel consumption.

XCSoar (free in Google Play) – It’s a tactical glide computer for glider pilots, paragliders, and hang gliders.

Aviation W&B Calculator ($9.99 in iTunes) – The app does your weight and balance calculations and has templates for 165 aircraft, ranging from the Beech Baron to the Stinson 108-1. Users also have the option to build their own aircraft templates.

Of courses, i’d like to add my own on to this list – working towards the EFB i love this one – iPad Flight Planning Apps


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