Operators required to retrofit aircraft with VDLM2/ATN capable avionics

Critical Aviation Communications (CPDLC)

Critical Aviation Communications (CPDLC)

The European Commission (EC) has published a framework for the adoption of VDLM2 for CPDLC communications in the form of a Data Link Services Implementing Rule (DLS IR). By this time next year airline operators will be required to retrofit their aircraft with VDLM2/ATN capable avionics, in order to comply with the DLS IR.

The DLS IR legislature is already coming into play – as of 1 January 2011, all new aircraft operating above Flight Level (FL) 285 to be delivered with a compliant system and as of 7 February 2013 the ten core European Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) will need to have implemented a compliant CPDLC ground infrastructure.

Assistance with compliance is essential and ARINC is ne of the suppliers that have publicised details of how they can help your airline become compliant with the new legislation.

ARINC has taken an active role in supporting industry bodies, airframe and avionics manufacturers, ANSPs, and operators, in ensuring that the benefits of the new technology are maximised for the Air Transport Industry. In this context the role of ARINC will evolve from a traditional DataLink Service Provider to an industry partner with years of experience and a history of quality customer support. To see dedicated information regarding this service please see the ARINC CPDLC site.

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