SwiftBroadband uptake booms

The uptake of SwiftBroadband (SBB) services among business aviation users continues at a cracking pace. Simultaneously, ARINC Direct has continued to design and implement new products and services to support this.

Cabin hotspot functionality eases the burden of managing the costs of SBB by enabling usernames and credit card billing. This is an attractive concept, too, with charter operators, and has also been taken up by corporate flight departments wanting to manage costs and budgets across departments using the business jet. Other management functions such as usage alerts have also been added.

If a customer has SBB and uses ARINC Direct’s iPad app they have a completely dynamic aviation information platform that surpasses traditional methods of obtaining flight data. At the half-year mark ARINC Direct’s customer base in EMEA and Asia Pacific had already achieved over 15% growth. The ARINC app is available on the Apple iTunes store.

ARINC Direct has been at the forefront using web enabled technologies since the business unit was founded in 2003, and the increasing availability of web access, suitable hardware and client-based application technology presents new opportunities for the way in which it interacts with its customers. Almost half of all ARINC Direct customers are now using the iPad app.

For more information on ARINC Direct SwiftBroadband service please click here.

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