‘Exposed’ airport scanners scrapped

After failing European approval ‘exposed’ airport scanners scrappedAirport Scanners Scrapped

The remaining full-body X-ray technology scanners that show up hidden explosives or weapons are to be discarded after failing to receive the European approval, and are to be scrapped within the next few weeks.

The scanners, which have been tested at air terminals since 2009, scan through passengers’ clothes, creating a detailed ghost-like image of the naked body and then viewed by security staff.

Critics believed that the machines invaded passengers’ privacy and the radiation they generate can raise the risk of cancer. However, the European Commission judged that the cancer risk was ‘close to zero’.  The Brussels legislation, three-year trial period has elapsed and it has decided not to ‘prioritise’ them for permanent use across the continent.

Airports waiting for the ‘ok’ on the scanners have been left with no choice other than to remove them and change them with ‘privacy-friendly’ machines that use a technology with radio-frequency.

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