In Focus – In Flight Broadband

Last week we saw the BBC cover this topic in depth.

Onboard internet has been a reality for a while, but not many passengers use it at present, because of a mix of limited availability, speed and cost.

As interest in onboard wifi increases in line with the popularity of mobile devices we heard that Inmarsat plans to launch three new ka-band satellites into orbit in the coming years, with the first in 2013.

Onboard internet is delivered by various methods. In Ka-band passengers are offered a higher speed, and the antennas required for the aircraft are smaller, but the service is vulnerable to bad weather conditions, and fewer satellites are available. In Ku-band there are more satellites but frequency and spend is reduced.

ARINC are one supplier that offers aircraft internet services to the aviation industry. Branded as Cabin Connect they are able to offer enhanced bandwidth by Inmarsat SwiftBroadband and ARIN. Airline passengers can now surf the internet, send and receive email, and use universal messaging all through their own laptop, iPad or Playbook, smart phone or portable gaming devices.

ARINC says “Supporting various commercial models, ARINC can work with airlines to find the best unique solution to offer to your passengers, creating differentiation and increased value that can help to promote passenger loyalty.”

Contact ARINC Cabin Connect to find out more.

Aircraft Broadband - Passenger Communications

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