Airbus Corporate Jets Moves to Push Sales

Airbus has been making appearances at more aviation events than ever – 11 planned this year.

Currently at EBACE with an ACJ319 ACJ is showing off the impressive cabin to as many potential buyers as possible. The ACJ319 carries 19 passengers and has two private rooms that convert to bedrooms, one with an en-suite bathroom.

Airbus has secured 60 orders for VIP versions of its widebody airliners since the mid-1980s, and 110 narrowbodies since launching the Airbus Corporate Jet family in 1997.

The business jet market continues to perform well in most countries, despite the current economic conditions, but owners and operators are becoming increasingly conscious of economic constraints.

In order to create a more effective operation many owners and operators of business jets are turning to ARINC Direct solutions for flight planning, flight deck communications and flight support.

ARINC Direct offers unsurpassed reliability and 24/7 support to its customers who benefit from simple pricing structures. For more information please visit:

Airbus Corporate Jets Moves to Push Sales

Airbus Corporate Jets Moves to Push Sales

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