Focus on Type B Messaging

Focus on Type B Messaging

Focus on Type B Messaging

This week I wanted to look at aviation Type B Messaging. Type B messages are kept short using a series of codes depicting the message type and contain certain application data in specific places within the message. The IATA specified standards are so efficient that the 20 million daily messages would fit on a home use memory stick.

Whilst the standard has not changed for some time, the technology we use to send Type B Messages constantly evolves. We heard this week that the latest Esterline PilotView EFB has launched a new processor and is approved for real-time ACARS messaging over VHF-based and satellite services.

For business aviation users, Type B Messaging can be a complex and expensive area of mission critical messaging. ARINC offer a unique service to calculate your Type B Messaging costs using a simple online calculator.

ARINC says: “Use our message calculator tool to gain an immediate idea of the size of your potential saving and then contact us to confirm the numbers.”

For more information please visit:

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