ARINC Direct Flight Planning via iPad

ARINC Direct Flight Planning via iPad

ARINC Direct Flight Planning via iPad

Everyday technology is increasingly seen in aviation now, and this has moved another step further ahead with ARINC’s push towards flight planning and flight operations technology being available through the iPad.

Since October ARINC have been offering parts of their service via iPad, and functionality has been increasing as pilots move away from the traditional pen and paper.

James Hardie, director of ARINC Direct’s Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific operation, says 50% of the roughly 2,500 subscription holders for the service have logged in with iPads in the past month.

The latest software version provides annotation capability to the iPads, allowing pilots to update certain documents during a flight and automatically send PDF versions to the operations centre or other location upon landing.

ARINC Direct offer flight planning technology to business aviation users across the world. For more information on their full range of services please visit:

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