Business Aviation Success Story

I wanted to make the first post of May a story about business aviation doing well. In these times of economic uncertainty it is certainly uplifting to hear of new ventures.The story which has appeared on many of the aviation news sites, including FlightGlobal concerns a new start up in the industry, Thai firm Advance Aviation. Previously operating only four VIP helicopters, that were purchased brand new from Eurocopter, the company hold 80% of the helicopter market share, being the only operator to cover all of Thailand.

Now expanding into the business jet market its jet operations commenced this February with just one G200.  Advance Aviation is already planning to increase its fleet with the second hand purchase of one further G200 and a management agreement for two more.

Advance Aviation vice-chairman Chai Nasylvanta commented that the regulatory environment for helicopter operations improves every year in Thailand, but that the industry would enjoy faster growth if Thailand releases more authority to pilots and operators, creating an environment similar to that in the USA and Australia.

Business Aviation Success Story

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