ARINC’s AviNet®Mail Service Marks Ten Years; Message Volume Now Exceeds 30 Million per Day

ARINC Incorporated this month celebrates the tenth anniversary of its highly successful AviNet®Mail messaging service for the air transportation industry.

A high-performance business network, AviNet Mail enables easy cross-platform messaging for today’s users of Type B, e-mail, and SMS (short messaging service) communications. The ARINC service now delivers more than 30 million messages per day, a volume that includes 50% of the world’s operational Type B traffic.

“AviNet Mail has won numerous converts from other suppliers,” said Laura Petrozziello, ARINC EMEA Sales Director, Aviation Solutions. “Our 20,000-plus users appreciate not only our superior service but also our straightforward pricing structure and outstanding technical support.”

AviNet Mail offers low-cost Type B, email and SMS messaging over a secure private network, with the highest level of assured delivery available. ARINC’s core network has an availability of 99.999%. AviNet Mail is used by airlines, airport authorities and related organizations from flight dispatch operators to ground handlers and caterers.

More than 93% of AviNet Mail customers in a recent survey said they would be happy to recommend the service to others. More than 60% said their Type B messaging costs were significantly reduced after switching to the ARINC service.

Alexis Hickox, ARINC AviNet Services Director, said the company’s unrivalled experience in aviation communications has resulted in many ‘firsts’, including the use of Internet technology to provide low-cost access to IATA Type B messaging anywhere in the world, from any computer.

ARINC have developed a consultancy service to help you understand your Type B Messaging cots, allowing users to request a free messaging audit.

ARINC’s messaging calculator tool offers an immediate online idea of the size of your potential savings. For a free Type B Messaging audit please visit:

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