Aviation Weather Systems in the News

We heard this month that IGI Airport will get a new system for better weather prediction. We take a look at this airport and consider the latest weather data systems.

Aviation Weather Systems

Aviation Weather Systems

The Indian Meteorological Department is now acquiring an Aviation Weather Decision Support System (AWDSS) to aid the detection and prediction of aviation weather hazards and communicate minute-wise information to operational users.

The Current system at IGI Airport studies surface atmospheric to predict on fog and wind conditions twice in a day. The new system, which would be in place by next winter, would have a radiometer, a vertical wind profiler, and a terminal weather radar for minute-by-minute vertical profile of the wind movement.

The IMD has set its requirements and an expert company would be finalised through a tendering process by March this year to develop the system for IGIA. The meteorological data under AWDSS would be collected from several sources and integrated to run a series of detection and nowcasting algorithms to be provided to the end-user interface. It will then be used for real-time air traffic control operations as well as the support of operational meteorologist’s work flow.

Weather data is transmitted using a variety of means. One is through ARINC Directs Type B Messaging. AviNet Type B messaging provides reliable and economical messaging for mission-critical communications, including weather data, for the aviation industry.

AviNet Type B provides the highest level of assured message delivery available, based on store-and-forward capabilities and a robust set of IATA standard message routing features built into ARINC’s high-availability message platform. It supports legacy, proprietary, and custom messaging applications, as well as industry-standard IP-based MQ and MATIP formats.

ARINC’s Type B service continues to evolve with the industry while also introducing next-generation messaging standards such as AviNet eXchange a Web Services interface for XML messaging.

And, unlike other providers, ARINC delivers this high performance with a flexible pricing model. AviNet Type B delivers an unbeatable combination of high value and low cost.

For more information please visit: http://www.typebmessaging-avinet.com/

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