Electronic Borders in the News with UK-Ireland Border Deal

Border Management Under The Spotlight

Border Management Under The Spotlight

Border security & Border management systems have been in the news again this month with the new deal between the UK & Ireland to crack down on illegal immigration.

The two countries will share information on visa applications, including fingerprint biometrics. The UK Borders Agency says the deal could create “considerable savings” on removing foreign nationals with no right to stay.

Ultimately there could be joint entry standards and “enhanced electronic border systems”.

The new system will help identify those with no right to enter the so-called common travel area – comprising the UK, Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man – before they arrive at the border.

Electronic Border Systems, such as those offered by ARINC are essential for all countries. The ARINC Border Management System (ABMS) offers real time threat protection and is designed to adapt to the changes in operational process and support new technology, enabling Border Control agencies to flex with changing demands and capabilities.

Today it is not enough to simply secure borders from unauthorised entry by known undesirables. Now it is necessary to manage the stay of travellers, from entry through to exit, to know who has been in the country and when they left.

The ARINC Border Management System delivers a full stay management capability, screening all travellers before they travel, and managing visitors throughout their stay.

For more information visit http://www.electronicborders.com/.

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