Avionics Forecast 2012

Pro Line Fusion: procceding at pace

Pro Line Fusion: procceding at pace

As it is January the aviation industry have been making forecasts and predictions on many aspects of the industry.

I read this week in Flight Global an article about the future of avionics. Manufacturers are likely to be avidly incorporating the next generation technology for communications, surveillance and navigation into flight deck technology.

One of the up and coming in this category are Rockwell Collins, as its Pro Line Fusion package goes live.

The Fusion avionics suite, which includes 15in displays, head-up and head-down synthetic vision, graphical flight planning and the industry’s first touch-screen displays on some models, will make its first in-service appearance in Bombardier’s Global Vision flight decks this month.

Fusion packages already in the field by mid-2012 will also have made available an upgrade package that will feature a surface management system (SMS) coupled to the flight management system. SMS will display own-ship position during taxi and includes aural and visual advisories during taxi, take-off, final approach, landing and roll-out. The upgrade will also include a vertical situation display, which gives a side view of the vertical profile in the flight plan or aircraft track.

This is one of many new technologies in this area for 2012 – news of others to follow.

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