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aviation_cabinGogo has announced that its IFE connectivity product, Gogo Vision is improving, and has started to ‘return more interesting dollars’ at last.

The company, who supply IFE connectivity solutions for both business and commercial aircraft have admitted that a lot of its content does not get to airlines, as they offer many smaller, independent films and documentaries, and an opt-in functionality for passengers.

As passenger demand increases for cabin connectivity, providers are under pressure to provide superfast connection rates for live streaming. Other providers, such as Rockwell Collins’ Cabin Connect, also deliver the opportunity to operate IFE, and cabin connectivity for passengers and crew via a single installation, and satellite communications networks.

PASSENGER COMMSMost of us realise that mobile technology is the future of communications and we see it everywhere we look. Passengers on aircraft are beginning to demand mobile functionality to continue telling our friends, family and neighbours about our great flight. Providers are finding themselves under pressure to decrease costs and increase speeds.

Now we see that passengers are not the only ones using mobile devices to improve the cabin experience. Cabin crew can now get access to passenger data in real-time, which is enabling them to increase levels of customer service like never before.

Providers of the tech and solutions, such as Rockwell Collins with their ARINC Cabin Connect suite offer solutions for both the cabin and the flight deck utilising the same hardware. Soon, with comparable ground-speeds, boarding the aircraft and using the mobile device will be the same as sitting at home or in the office.

Russian Aviation EmergenceGazpromneft-Aero, leading provider of Russian aviation fuel solutions will showcase their best practices with regard to international aviation fuel supply standards at the Aviation Fuel Forum of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) in the US.

The company, who has worked with IATA for the past five years, will also receive an IATA award in light of the cooperative relationship they share.

Gazpromneft-Aero have revolutionised the russian aviation fuel infrastructure with significant investment in that area and the construction of new refuelling complexes, seven of which have earned IATA’s highest quality fuel-supply status and safety standards.

The company, in partnership with IATA runs International training programs held in Novosibirsk, the only programs of its kind in Eastern Europe for airline, aviation fuel suppliers, oil companies and refuelling complexes.

There are many International companies showing support for the emerging Russian aviation market, ARINC Direct, industry-leading business aviation specialists have a Russian language site for the provision of business aviation services including passenger communications, flight support services and essential flight deck communications solutions.