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Airport IntrudersThe U.S. Senate have agreed to approve new airport security measures following the bombings at Brussels Airport, it has been announced.

As a part of its initiative to fund the FAA, the Senate bill will include an increase in airport perimeter security, increased measures to screen airport personnel and the additional presence of authority-trained dogs, as well as the introduction of random, unannounced security tests of security systems in airports.

The news is welcomed by the TSA, who will conduct random testing, and has recently introduced an increase of visibility for key security staff, and has approved the transfer of security officers from large airports to increase cover in smaller airports.

Providers of facility and airport security systems also welcome the changes, as the introduction of enhanced technology delivers effective means of increased surveillance and information management for relatively low investment in infrastructure.

Hurghada International Airport in Egypt has been visited by a UK-based aviation security team as a part of the agreement to secure Egyptian airports between the Aviation Ministry and the Control Risks Company to assess and develop recommendations and proposals.

The company will train aviation security personnel in the latest systems for enhancing border security control, following last year’s attacks on the country’s aviation industry.

The visit from the UK team is the first step in the agreement, and the proposals will arise later in the year to highlight measures that need to be strengthened. The agreement is the way forward for Egypt, whose tourist industry accounts for a large portion of the national economy.

Aviation security providers around the world are continuously improving the way security is managed in airports, using the latest technology.

Advanced Information Management Systems ProvidersAviation access management solutions are essential to maintain seamless access control within airports and secure facilities and the marketplace welcomes the latest expansion from Global Elite Group (GEG) this week. Secure Swipe is a portable hand-held unit that utilises a bar code, magnetic strip and RFID reader.

 “Aviation management requires a critical eye to identify where vulnerabilities are, that must be addressed. Having a unit which tracks and records where workers go will accomplish this goal,” said William McGuire, president & CEO of GEG.

The system, specifically designed for the aviation industry, adds a level of mobile security to a platform that improves basic entry security, including outside entry points with documented activity and serves as a guard tour to record an operator’s location.

Comprehensive aviation security is critical on many levels and access management solutions bring a layer of reliability to monitoring the in and outflow of airport staff. Access management solutions providers can enhance overall operational productivity and help to manage costs within the airport infrastructure.