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gulfstream_g500_completes_flutter_testingGulfstream has announced that the first of their three flight-test G500 aircraft has completed flutter testing, logging more than 320 hours over 50 flights. The longest flight reached five hours, achieved an altitude of 53,000 feet and reached a maximum speed of Mach .999.

Entry into service is expected in 2018, with the FAA and EASA certification process planned for 2017.

Testing will continue with air data system tests, performance, including brakes and handling, flight controls and field testing.

gulfstream-stone-flooringGulfstream, one of the world-leading designers and manufacturers of executive aircraft has said that the latest trend for business jet interiors is granite flooring.

While one of the most surprising additions, the sky really is the limit in aircraft design, and natural finishes have been popular for a number of years.

Clients can expect a home-from-home finish, yet not a huge weight increase on their business jets as Gulfstream use a thin, custom-made stone veneer to fit into galleys and bathrooms. The idea was launched at the NBAA show, where Gulfstream showcased its G600 jet.

New Releases from GulfstreamThe latest Gulfstream family of business executive aircraft promise to deliver faster speeds in addition to larger cabins and an increased range.

Unveiled earlier this year, the Gulfstream G500 and G600 look set to deliver the greatest capabilities yet and straight into the hands of the consumer with a growing need for speed over long distances. Business jets with longer range capabilities are in demand more and more as executive travellers expand their business circles in the hunt for the contracts.

The G650 is a luxury jet with a range of 7,000 nautical miles and with space for up to 18 passengers and a price tag set at $64.5m. The two new additions to the family share some of the characteristics of the G650, in terms of size and flight deck technology, but come with a smaller price tag of $54.5m with a range of 6,200nm for the G600 and for the G500, $43.5m with a range of 5,000nm.

Although the business aviation industry is showing some regrowth, after the economic meltdown left many corporations cutting costs, the longer-range jets are clearly still in favour and the focus for speed without costly refuelling stops is a definite plus for Gulfstream.

Gulfstream announced a big deal last month for up to 50 examples of the G500, G450 and G650 with Flexjet, the US fractional aircraft operator. This is also a sector of business aviation that is fast growing in popularity as costs and operating hours are shared, rather than the outright purchase with all the additional operational costs that inevitably go hand in hand with that.

Qatar Airways also committed to an order of up to 20 G500 and G650ER aircraft for its corporate charter fleet.

Gulfstream Unveil New WebsiteGulfstream have unveiled a new look for their website,, this week, optimised for mobile and with new features, navigation and with an interactive experience for users, showing what their aircraft can do, rather than telling them about it. The new site has brought the leading aircraft manufacturer up-to-date, using the latest technology and advantages that interactive features can offer.

With virtual tours of all the Gulfstream current models, the new website offers a completely different experience, including high-quality photographs and interactive range maps. There are different cabin configuration views and aircraft refurbishment options and also a preowned inventory section.

“ provides a completely interactive experience for users. From aircraft information to product support search capabilities, the redesign is a true extension of our brand,” said Scott Neal, senior vice president, Worldwide Sales and Marketing, Gulfstream. “Gulfstream strives to create and deliver the world’s finest aviation experience and we know that means providing a multimedia experience that complements how we do business.”

Gulfstream say that the aim behind redevelopment was to engage their visitors; to encourage them to share information and the improved design gives greater capacity for this, with an inclusion of a support section that enables users to connect to Gulfstream’s product support network, service centres and search-by-aircraft model with a technical download feature. The company section includes access to Gulfstream history, community initiatives and careers.

“We want visitors to be more engaged, to stay longer, share their discoveries with others and connect with us more,” said Bill Shira, vice president, Brand Marketing, Gulfstream. “Whether you are searching for an aircraft, researching available safety features or looking for a job, no matter what the need, the website can provide the answer. This site is one of our primary faces to the world, and this redesign is a testament to our superior customer service.”

Take a look at the stunning new site here.