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automated baggage handlingAccording to ARINC, passengers are set to spend significantly less time waiting at airports in the near future as airline operators and airports invest in advanced technological solutions designed to increase operational efficiency from advanced passenger information systems to automated baggage handling.

“The passenger is the one who’s going to have more control over that whole experience than they currently have,” said Michael DiGeorge, Managing Director of ARINC Asia Pacific. “That process of going from check-in through immigration through boarding is going to get more invisible.”

Passengers regularly wait for an average of three hours, sometimes more, which is causing industry-wide concern, especially during peak-time congestion, with the real fear of the denial of landing rights during those times.

ARINC’s extensive collection of innovative products are targeted to improve passenger information screening and transmission, travel documentation and check-in, which in turn will increase the flow of passenger traffic through airport terminals and remove the stress for passengers, airlines and operational facilities.

With many Asian nation plans to build new airports and terminals, there is a strong likelihood of growing competition to provide the best experience for passengers and airlines.  It stands to reason that the facilities that can provide smooth and fast passenger experience are going to be the most successful in the future of an industry that is ever-expanding as demand and expectation grows.

Bag Drop Desks

Bag Drop Desks

Since the announcement from EasyJet of the imminent closure of their check-in desks, replacing them, instead with bag drop desks, the face of airline travel is set to change.

More than 80% of airline passengers now choose to check-in online and can do so from 30 days before departure to 2 hours before the flight, printing their boarding passes at home.

This innovation spells the end of the ritual of the queue at check-in desks at airports around the world, ultimately reducing airport congestion and speeding up the entire process of check-in, with the potential of increasing operational efficiency and productivity for airlines.

Bag drop desks do not have to be airline-specific.  ARINC have developed ExpressDrop desks, for use by passengers who have checked in online, travelling with various airlines, providing a single drop-off point to simplify, expedite and offer passengers an enhanced experience with greater control.

The idea is not a new one, by any means.  Ryanair closed their airport check-in desks in 2009, but does charge passengers inordinate fees if they forget to check-in online.

Another advantage to the introduction of ExpressDrop or other bag drop desks, is that waiting times are reduced.  This will produce great sighs of relief for travellers, who may arrive at the gate as late as 30 minutes before departure.