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Find Out More About Malaysia's Senai Airport Malaysian AirAsia has launched the first automated self-service baggage drop system in the country at Senai International Airport.

The system, which includes self-tagging, check-in and baggage drop, is fully automated and gives AirAsia passengers complete control of the check-in process, saving time and simplifying passenger processing for the airline.

Automated self-service check-in is revolutionising passenger experience all over the world, offering a streamlined experience for both passengers and airports. Airlines are able to manage costs more efficiently with a self-service system, as more passengers book and check-in online and arrive at the airport with pre-printed boarding passes. The system at Senai allows passengers to use the kiosks at the airport to print bag tags before using a handheld scanner to process both this and their boarding passes without any intervention from airline personnel.

Other providers of self-service kiosks, such as Rockwell Collins’ ARINC BagDrop system enables cost sharing amongst airlines with a multiple airline bag drop facility, removing the necessity for dedicated airline baggage drop points and saving valuable space within the terminal.

Other Major Providers of Baggage Systems in AirportsIn a project that will see Alaskan baggage handling improved by 2016, Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (ANC) has awarded a contract for upgrades and modifications to the baggage system in North Terminal, to Logan Teleflex, part of the Daifuku Webb Holding Company.

The project is expected to include recapitalisation of the current explosive detection system and upgrades to the physical baggage handling system currently serving Concourse C. In addition, significant expansion of the checked baggage resolution area will be carried out and alterations to the structural, architectural, mechanical and electrical building systems in a multi-million dollar deal.

Brian Stewart, general manager of Daifuku’s global airport baggage handling, said, “Our established partnership and collaborative efforts with ANC are aimed to provide a better experience for travellers. Our company continues to produce dependable baggage handling solutions that ultimately make travelling easier for passengers flying in and out of ANC.”

More information about self service bag dropSingapore’s Changi Airport is currently trialling self service bag drop and check in desks in a bid to streamline passenger processing services, according to the Changi Airport Group (CAG).

Terminal One will run the trial until the end of August with Jetstar airline and will encompass two bag drop units with self-tagging capability and four check-in kiosks alongside the Jetstar counters for passengers on selected flights.

The airport is exploring ways to improve passenger experience and minimise delays and the pilot program is part of an ongoing trial with the Fast and Seamless Travel at Changi (FAST@Changi) initiative aimed at using the latest technology to improve operational productivity and efficiency.

“The implementation of FAST@Changi is in line with a wider global push towards increasing automation at airports to improve productivity and efficiency, while providing passengers with greater flexibility and convenience,” said Mr Tan Lye Teck, Executive Vice President of Airport Management at CAG.

As more than 80% of global travellers now use online check-in facilities, there is an increase in the need for greater passenger control. Many baggage handling providers offer self-service options including the innovative multiple airlines bagdrop which allows for cost sharing in addition to the valuable terminal space-saving benefits.